Monday, August 07, 2006

San Antone is just as HOT!!!

Well we left out Monday morning about 9 and got to SA at about 4:00. We meaning me ,Rudy , Whitney, and Rudy's little sister Amy, and Noah. We got the RV all set up and Rudy started the AC and I smelled plastic (or something like it) burning, and the front AC was blowing hot air. So Rudy called a repair man, mobile= expensive! The guy came right out and a relay switch has burned up. He fixed it and only charged a leg! Then moving on to the next problem, the generator would'nt start, Rudy had changed the filter and done a few piddly things to try to repair it to no avail. So he called another repair man, the first one didnt work on generators. So the man looked at it and said it was the carborator...he had to leave and assured us he'd be back the next day with a carborator. The next day he came back and began working on it, Rudy kept saying , man Glenda this is gonna cost us 300., then the next time he said man Glenda this is gonna cost us 400. He was freaking out worrying about the cost, and dreading the man getting finished. Well after a while , (2 hours the first day, 3 hours the second...60$ an hour) the man told Rudy it was done, they went around , started it up, and it DID start the first time, then he handed Rudy the bill, o my goodness, its a good thing they take credit cards. Put it this way, it was HIGHER than Rudy a couple hundred. After spending a fortune on gas, then having all these repairs, we've about decided the RV is now our spare bedroom, PARKED in our back yard, for YOUR staying pleasure! Yes , it's just not feasable to travel in a RV...motels would have been cheaper. We are going to houston in a couple weeks, to Johns retirement party, and we are taking the RV cause we are taking mama and daddy , fred and Dorothy. At least everything is fixed on it!
We did have an un-eventful relaxing time tho, once we got the air up and running. Whitney and Amy stayed in the pool most of the time and Rudy got to eat at Frijole's every morning. He loves that nasty barbacoa... Noah got even more spoiled, cause being in such close quarters , he was held alot, but I'll get him ironed back out. We left Saturday morning a little after 8 am and got here around 5 pm.
We had a good church yesterday, the preacher preached on "The True Gospel" (Galatians 1:12-24) it was good. Mama and Fred have gone to Dallas this morning for Fred's eye check up. I offered to take them, but mama said they'd be fine. Fred is still very independent.
I finally got a letter from Chad, he says, its rough, please remember him in your prayers. We've got a busy day today. Ya'll have a blessed day!

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Carol said...

Sounds like an expensive trip. But at least you had a nice time.