Thursday, August 17, 2006

Busy week

This has indeed been a busy week! Ive been trying to get school stuff ready, taken Noah to the Dr. Mama's been sick (shes feeling much better now, as of 7:00 A.M. this morning) Ive had lots of company this week. Plus Ive started to write letters to the parole board , about Chad. Anyone who would, please im me for the address , so that you can write them too.
We are getting ready to make a quick run to Houston Saturday(August 19th) for John's retirement party...30 years with H.P.D. what an accomplishment! Mama and Fred Daddy and Dot were suppost to go but first daddy backed out, then mama, so we asked matt and family, now Daddy and Dot have decided they'll go. It should be a fun quick trip. We are taking the motor home. We are preparing brisket and potato salad to take on the trip, and we have plenty of movies for the kids to watch. I wish mama would go, but shes afraid she'll get sick, so I dont blame her for not going. We are all so proud of John!
I hope everyone has a nice

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