Thursday, July 06, 2006

Visiting Chad

Well ,I printed off a map, called the jail to make sure Chad was still there, and left here at about 9am yesterday. I went and got gas, rinsed my car off and hit the highway. I went thru athens then hit I-45 in Corsicana , then got off on cr 14 and drove for miles and miles. Through Mexia, and Grosbeck, then I got on cr 147 and drove for about another 50 miles to highway 6 and the jail was off h-6. I was exausted when I got there , but glad to be able to see Chad. I worry so much when I cant see him, or hear from him. Anyway, it was "another" jail... I'm beginning to feel like pond scum... I don't want to see any more jails. They treat me (visitors) like inmates. However I did get a 2 hour visit, behind the glass, talking on the phone. This jail is a bad one, ya'll pray for Chad. Anyway...I left at about 3:45 and went back up h-6 to 45 then to I-35 to Waco . I know it was the long way but the other way was desolate, no stores, no stations, no other cars...kinda eerie. I made it home at about 6:20, it was a long drive, it gave me peace of mind, it was worth every minute. I'm exausted. I know, ALL things work together for good, I know God is in control, my flesh is raring its ugly head. Pray for me.


Carol said...

I'm so glad you got to see Chad and put your mind at ease a little. What a hard, hard thing for a mother to have to go thru.

Love ya,

Lodykaja said...

I am thankful that you got to see Chad. I am thankful you made it home safely. That's was a long day. I Love you very much...


Eileen~ said...

Oh Glenda, the trials of this life can be so heartwrenching. How was Chad? Will you get to see him soon again?

God Bless you as you walk this path with your son.