Sunday, February 04, 2007

A new member in the family!

Well, we went to church today as is our custom. We heard our preacher preach the word. At the end of the sermon the congregation usually sings a chorus or a song, to give anyone who may want the opportunity to make their profession of faith public, do so. Well today we sang "Victory in Jesus" and as we were about to sing the chorus , my Michael went up to the front of the church. He grabbed and shook the pastors hand, and then sat down on the front row. When the music stopped , the pastor asked Michael to come stand with him, which he did, then the pastor proceeded to tell us that Michael had shared with him that a change had come over his heart, and that even tho he made a profession about 10 years ago as a child, The Lord had saved him recently. The pastor talked a little about false conversions then he prayed and we were dismissed. I cant tell you the joy that I feel. As many of you know Michael has recently joined the Marine corp and he told me last night , "Mama if something were to happen to me , I'd know that what-ever purpose God had for me , was done and it would be the time for my appointment with the Lord. " He also shared with me that "whenever the Lord saves a soul, its a miracle because we all deserve hell." So when we pray for salvation, we're in short praying for a miracle. What a wonderful savior is Jesus my Lord. Thank you Lord for my blessings, one bearing the name of Michael Shane!


Carol said...

Michael Shane joined the marines??? I didn't know. No one told me! Bless his sweet heart.

May the Lord's name be glorified and his will be done.

Jim said...

Glenda. Although I believed Michael was already a Christian, I know what false professions can do. Michael has always impressed me as a fine person. He has shown nothing but kindness and respect to me. I join him, and your family as you celebrate his new birth. May God, in His providence, watch over and protect him as he serves his country.

By His Grace,