Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hello Tuesday!

Another Tuesday, I thought I would tell ya'll about my past week...Well to start off, last weeks visit to Chad was good, he always seems to be in a good mood when I'm there, I dont know how, maybe he's performing for me to keep me from worrying and if he is, he gets an "Oscar". Well Mary Ellen and John came over and we trimmed our trees week end before last, so all week we worked in the yard,cleaning up brush, raking, and moving, and burning huge piles of limbs. Man you talk about a work out. I got so sunburned on my face and the back of my legs...But the yard looks nice, and when the leaves come on the "oak picks" as Meo called them, they will be beautiful!
So on last Wednesday I got an idea to call the jail and try to arrange a contact visit with Chad, because for one (reason) sunday March 11th is his 22nd birthday, and for two Michael is leaving for the marine corps on the 19th and I wanted them to get to see each other and love on each other and you cant do that through the glass, so I began calling the chief deputy at the jail. Chief Allison was not in, but he did return my call, I asked him about the visit and he assured me that " he would talk to the ones in charge of contact visits and ...someone would get back to me" Well they didnt, so I called again Thursday and left another message, no response. Well Friday morning, I was so anxious and worried that my request would be denied, I raked and burnt and just almost made myself sick, but around 9am I called again and left another voice message. I still had'nt heard anything by 2 so I was borderline sick, I knew the shift change at the jail was @ 3 so I called again at 2:30 and left another message. I was in the backyard finishing up and my phone rang, I broke out in sweat when I saw the # on my ID was Athens... It was Lieutenant Ward, He said" I got a message that you wanted to speak to me" I explained my request and he replied, YES I think we can do that! I asked him if it could be a surprise, He said "I dont see why not" What a nice man. PRAISE the Lord. I hurridly called Michael, Matt, and Mark to tell them the news. They were all excited. I got permission for 5 visitors. Sooo in the meanwhile I sent lots of B-day cards to him , because, I didnt want him to think we had forgotten. He called Friday night and it was all I could do to not tell him, but I didnt! I got through Saturday, (Whitney and I went shopping for a bathing suit, Rudy worked) then Sunday morning we went to church, then to Sweet Sues, then it was time to go. Whitney, Matt and I got in the car to go, and we got a call from Michael and Mark, they were on their way too. Michael was very sick, he could barely talk, I think he has the flu, but here we go. We get there and I pick up the phone and call the back to tell them we are there for our contact visit... They did'nt have any paperwork on the visit, but my friend, Jennifer , the jailer was there and she asked me, "Who approved it" I told her leiutenant Ward, she said OK, I'll be out to get you shortly. So we waited and in about 5 or 10 minutes , Jennifer came to let us in. We went to the library, which does'nt seem like a jail. In about another 5 or so minutes she came around and said that Chad had to get dressed, he was sleeping. I told her to please dont tell him why she was bringing him out. Well in another 5 or so minutes here they come, she opened the door and he looked inside and his expression was like Christmas morning x 5. He hugged everyone and we sang happy Birthday to him, Whitney and I sat on either side of him and held his hands and stroked his hair, and hugged him the whole time. He was so excited. We got about a 45 minute visit. Thank you Lord Jesus for this blessing.
In other news, I went to the dr. yesterday, and this past month, I lost 16 lbs. Rudy lost 18 lbs. Thats pretty good!
I also took Noah and Michael to the Dr., Michael has the flu, he got a shot of penicillin and a prescription. Pray that he gets well before this weekend. He is leaving for Dallas Sunday at around 5, then heading to San Diego for 13 weeks of boot camp. Noah just has a respiratory infection, and he got antibiotics too. So basically my whole Monday was spent at the doctor's office.
Spring break has started, I hope everyone else stays healthy. Whitney says she's glad we did'nt go anywhere, cause she wants to se Michael as much as possible before he leaves. He gave her his Senior ring to hold for him till he gets back home. She is honored, and acts like she has a million dollar gem!
Mama seems to be feeling OK, she had a treatment Wednesday, and has been very weak, but not so sick, her nausea meds seem to be working. Daddy and Dorothy came out Saturday and they seem fine as well.
Ok I'm gonna end this now before it turns into a book :) Its time for me to get on the treadmill, and get ready to go to Athens. Ya'll have a great day!


Carol said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with Chad and got some relief from worry for a little while.

I hope you're not too mad at me for voicing my opinion to you. I really do wish the best for you and Chad.

And congratulations to you and Rudy for your hard work which is obviously paying off in the weight loss department!

Love you,

Rebekah said...

I am so glad that you guys got to visit Chad especially before Michael left.
Tell Michael he is doing a good thing for all of us, and will be in my prayers.


Glenda, saved by grace said...

O I'm not mad, in fact I rarely ever get mad anymore. I get hurt...and I did when I read your opinion, but it was true, and I know it. I know you wish Chad the best, I know he's responsible for where he is, but it still hurts and I still miss him and want him home no words no matter how harsh or true can change that!
<3 Gendy

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Me too Bekah, it was a nice day. I will tell Michael...The closer it gets the more my stomach hurts!!!
Love, Gendy

Bo said...

Great post, thanks for sharing. Chad will be OK. Ya'll need to come to Amarillo so we can see your new Bod's.