Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hello Joe Tom!

I got up this morning and as usual got my coffee and sat down at the computer. There was nothing in the paper to read so I went to my email box. I found the cutest picture of my newest nephew Joseph Thomas or Joe Tom as I plan to call him.

I also got this grace gem and its a good one, So I'll share.

I look to You for strength

(A Puritan Prayer)

O Lord of grace,
The world is before me this day, and I am weak
and fearful--but I look to You for strength.
If I venture forth alone, I stumble and fall--but
on the Beloved's arms I am firm as the eternal
hills. If left to the treachery of my heart, I shall
shame Your name--but if enlightened, guided,
upheld by Your Spirit, I shall bring You glory.
Be . . .
my arm to support,
my strength to stand,
my light to see,
my feet to run,
my shield to protect,
my sword to repel,
my sun to warm.

To enrich me will not diminish Your fullness.
All Your loving-kindness is in Your Son. I bring
Him to You in the arms of faith. Accept . . .
His worthiness for my unworthiness,
His sinlessness for my transgressions,
His purity for my uncleanness,
His sincerity for my deceit,
His truth for my lies,
His meekness for my pride,
His steadfastness for my backslidings,
His love for my enmity,
His fullness for my emptiness,
His faithfulness for my treachery,
His obedience for my lawlessness,
His glory for my shame,
His devotedness for my waywardness,
His holy life for my unchaste ways,
His righteousness for my dead works,
His death for my life.

We studied Ecclestiases last night and it was good. The whole book basically says that everything we do apart from seeking and doing the will of God is vanity. And you know, its true.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday


Lodykaja said...

Isn't he just one of the cutest little boys you've ever seen!!!

I must say we have a lot of cute little grandboys and grandgirls.
They are all grand!

Rebekah said...

That is the MOST handsome boy I have ever seen. But I guess I may be a little partial since he is my son.