Tuesday, April 17, 2007

#1 Christopher, #2 Matthew, #3 Michael, #4 Chad, #5 Whitney

Another Lovely Tuesday...Noah's daddy got him last night, his days off have changed to Tuesday and Wednesday, so Rudy's gone to get the tires replaced on the saturn and he left me here to blog, and get ready to go to Athens to see my Chaddey Myladdey.
Chris called me yesterday and the call was kinda strange to begin with because 1.Chris does'nt call very often
2.All my boys sound alike
3. it was the middle of the day (Matt's the only one who calls in the middle of the day, between classes occationally)
4.It was a number I was'nt familiar with
Anyway, It was strange and what he said was nothing short of a miracle, an answer to prayer. His exact words were
" Hey Mama" I said, Hey son (I knew it was 1 of them) He said do you know who this is? I said my son...He said your eldest, I said well Hey Chris!!! So glad to hear from you. He said Mama, I'm 48 hours sober!! I guess thats how you say it, I hav'nt smoked pot in over 48 hours...I'm done, I'm through I want my life. I said Praise the Lord, son.
Now dont get me wrong , he was having a rough time, he said "I guess I'm having withdrawls...my heart is racing and I feel really funny, but Ive got to do this" He said he met a man on the disc golf course who's ministry is to help people get off drugs. Now really people, I have been praying for Chris to meet someone on the course who would say the right thing ( a message from God) to Chris. I have been asking God for years to draw my son. In the conversation somewhere I told Chris I want my son back, the one pot stole 14 years ago. Chris has been an addict since he was 16, he will be 30 in October. I told Chris that "you always say pot is a victimless crime, well I'm here to tell you I AM A VICTIM", and I want my boy back!
I want to ask ya'll to pray for strength for Chris. This is hard, he has been on pot all his adult life, he has to learn how to function apart from pot.
I know I'm always asking for prayer for my boys, but please, pray with me.
Michael 's letters ( Ive only gotten 2) seem to say he likes the corp. He may have found his element... Pray for Matt in his classes ( nursing school is HARD) Remember Chad, God's will in his life, Chris, that he will beat this addiction and that God will draw him. Whitney, that she will be able to shut her mouth, and be obedient.
Ive got to go get ready for my day in Athens.
Have a blessed day.

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