Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thunderstorms Tuesday?? ( I hope not)

Another Dreaded Tuesday...Now don't get me wrong, I love Chad and would'nt give up going to see him , ever, but I hate going to that stupid jail. There is a way that they could simplify the jail visitation, but I think they leave it the way it is (complicated) to deter people from visiting inmates. Then in turn the inmates get no visitors, they get hostile ( they really do, there are statistics to prove it) then the jailers have to break up fights ect.It really would be beneficial to everyone involved for the "powers that be" to spend some time in making jail visitation easier.
For starters, they could have a day for male visitation, and a day for female visitation. There at henderson Co. the visitation days are Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. You "sign up" at 3:30 on Tuesday , the only problem with that is that people start getting there @ about 11:00 A.M. to get in line to sign up. The actual visitation starts @5:00 P.M. So the old timers (visitors who have been coming for a long time) have started, who ever gets there 1st makes #'s and lays them on the ledge and as we get there we take a #, which is our # in line to sign the book when it comes out @ 3:30, which if your # 1-#7 you get 1st visit @ 5:00, if not a female visit is @ 5:30 so then #8- #14 visits @ 6:00 then a female visit @ 6:30 then #14-#21 visits @7:00 ECT... and there is usually 1 maybe 2 visitors for females per female session. So I say if female visitation was on another day, it would simplify things a little bit.
My suggestion would be to, have the book out @ 8:00 A.M. on Tuesday's and every hour, have a visitation session. That would stop the rush to the jail and the crowd that gets there @ 3:30 to sign the book. But like I said I think the "powers that be" like to make it hard.
Anyway, I usually get there around 11:00A.M. get my # then usually,I and some aquaintance (another inmates mother) go eat, then go to Bealls or J.C. Penneys, or Cato, or wal-mart, for a few hours til around 2:45, then we head back to the jail to line up and hope there are'nt troublemakers there who don't participate in our # system.
One day there were 4 people in line who were all visiting the same person, I tried to explain to then that, you only write the inmates name down once to call them out
(the inmate can have up to 4 visitors) but the baby mama would'nt listen to me. I told her "I am # 4", she said I don't use your "*!%@^#!" number's, I said well the visitation officer does, as I got in line in front of her...she grabbed me by my shoulders and practically threw me across the room, this is where my God given wisdom came in and proof that I am aging came in, because I did'nt do anything, except to tell her that "you have no right to put your hand's on me". Well, the book came out and the officer would'nt let them sign up, because you only have to call the inmate out once ( :) I told you so...), and I was #4 just like I was supposed to be. A little later the visitation officer came out to go to her car for some reason and I told her what had transpired (I am well known to all the officers because Chad is well known, and liked by the officers , and they know I'm his mama). She went in and had 4 BIG officers come out and tell ALL of them that the particular inmate that they were all visiting had lost their visit for the day because of the way their visitors had acted, they also told them that I had been instructed to file charges if they ever put their hands on me again. They said I could've filed charges that day, but I chose not to because I was afraid someone would retaliate towards Chad.
I usually get in the 1st visit@ 5:00, see Chad for 20 minutes then start towards home. I usually get home around 6:30. So you see why Tuesdays DRAIN me! Like I said , I would'nt miss it for the world, because I HAVE to SEE Chad at least once a week, for my own peace of mind.
Its 8:30 A.M. and I must get around! I've got a LONG day ahead of me.
Have a blessed day and if I come to your mind, pray for me...I need it!


Carol said...
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Carol said...

I hope you had a good visit and received a little piece of mind today.

Have you ever thought of attending Al-Anon? You know I used to go alot and it was very helpful to me.

Just a thought.

Love ya,