Thursday, May 31, 2007

1 more day til' school is out!

Whitney got up this morning and got dressed for school for the next to the last time the 7th grade. After tomorrow she will be a big "eighth grader". Tonight is Jesse's graduation. I hope he finds a job soon. He is still working at Burger King, but he needs a job for his future... Ricky is enrolled in the summer session and will go for 3 hours in June and July, that will give us a little bit of time to do our shopping ect... I don't think I will ever be without kids!
Rudy and I just went to an estate sale and got a few items, I love estate sales.
The pool is just about finished, it is very pretty. We have some plants and things we are gonna set out to make the back yard look tropical, it will be nice.
Veronica got her diagnosis yesterday. The disease that she has is called "bechets"
and it is a very painful disease that they can-not cure. One of the things that it does is to cause blindness, and liver failure. It is very bad and the website says that a young person feels 80 years old, which she does. Please keep her in your prayers.
Chris took a drug test yesterday and for the 1st time in 15 years, there is not even a trace of dope in his system. Praise the LORD!
I'm gonna go get my day started, I gotta go sweat!
Ya'll remember to keep my mother in your prayers.

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