Monday, June 04, 2007

Meo's request...

Well, last week Mary Ellen made a request for all the grandkids to write a little memory of Mama , for her to laugh at and maybe cheer her, so Ive decided to join in and write some of the things that stick out to me. Hummm...where do I begin. I remember nursing at her breast...uh no I dont think so , but I did, Mama was an advocate of breast feeding, that is one of the things that she harped on...
One of the earliest memories I have is of mama putting make up (powder,lipstick, and a little liner, and blush) and getting ready...she would brush her teeth and she always gagged ( I do that too) Then she'd put on her lipstick and she always smelled so good. Not perfumy but clean, like oil of olay. Then she'd walk around in her full slip to her closet to get her dress on. Mama is not a showy or vain person, and we did'nt have alot of money growing up , but she always looked nice, respectable, we NEVER saw cleavage or anything improper. She would cut off pants and put 1 cuff in them at the knee. Mama mowed the yard if it needed it, she cooked and cleaned and always ironed everything.There was a time there when Daddy needed help financially, so Mama went to work. She was a "ward clerk" at Mother Frances. We did O.K. without her, but we needed her home. I remember one time I had a stomach virus, I was probly 11 or 12 and I threw up, I was very sick, and daddy was compassionate, but he could'nt clean up the throw up. When mama came home at about 11:20, she came straight into my room and cleaned up the puke and then got me medicine and comforted me. Everything was better if Mama was there.
I remember always listening to preaching on the car radio, anytime we went anywhere, we listened to preaching, J. Vernon McGee, I can still hear him now...I remember being in Mama's Granada, and the windows fogging up and the fog made a sillouette of "Snoopy" Thats what mama told me and Buster.
We had a crazy neighbor boy named Lynn Clem, Mama told us to stay away from him. I don't remember exactly what happened, but he came up to our house and was looking for Carol or Meo, I remember he was mad and cussing, and another neighbor, Roger Rowan, drove by and heard him and he parked his car and ran up and grabbed Lynn Clem by the neck and threw him down and told him, "you dont speak like that to a lady." I remember Roger asking Lynn "How do you like them apples". Man, Roger was my hero after that.
Church was a constant in our lives. Mama usually did'nt come to Sunday School because she stayed home to get our Sunday lunch ready for when we got back home. She was always sitting in the sanctuary when we got out of S.S. We had to sit by her and if we talked or got out of hand, she would grab a bit of flesh and twist ( that'd be child abuse today), and we'd better not make a sound. That meant STOP, whatever your doing and pay attention to the preacher, and during the song service, we HAD to slumping or being irreverant. Whats funny is, I'm the same way today!
Mama's favorite slogan was "waste not want not". We NEVER threw away something that could be used again. That was unheard of, and no drying your hands with paper towels, there was a clean cup towel to use. I'm not sure what the paper towels were for, except maybe to soak up the grease from meat...Today she buys the ones that are preferated at the 1/2, and only uses the 1/2. There was a time when she would cut a roll of paper towels in 1/2. Toilet paper HAD to be rolled OVER, maybe thats why I roll it UNDER, I'm still rebellious!! :)
We were very rarely sick on a school day, because if we were sick we stayed in bed. No T.V. Because if we were "really" sick, we needed to be in bed, if not we stayed in bed to deter us from trying to miss school. What a hard nose...if more parents were like that , we'd have alot more responsible people.
I really was a rebellious teen, not early on, but when I got 16 and 17 I was a handful, and Mama, I have asked for forgiveness for that! I kinda just had it in me to be independent, and pretty much through out my life I have been. I've made alot of mistakes but I have "Good roots". Somehow I always get back on track. Thats from having a strong and consistant Mother, and God.
I remember Mama and Daddy were arguing one day and Mama was peeling boiled eggs, she got real mad at Daddy and threw one of the boiled eggs at him and it caught in between his nose and cheek (that'd be domestic violence today). It was so funny, that Mama and Daddy started laughing and stopped arguing. It really was hilarious, Daddy left it there for a few minutes for show. I laughed so hard, and I was so glad that they quit arguing.
When Mama and Daddy got a divorce I was older, about 34 I think, but it crushed me. Maybe more than if I had been a child. I just could'nt understand it. I guess I kinda do now tho, and Lord knows I'm thankful for Fred and Dorothy! They are so good to ya'll. Poor Fred, he really got it worse than Dorothy. Really ya'll, it was'nt personal, I love both of ya'll, it was just me.
Well, Meo and I went and sat with Mama Saturday and cleaned and straightened the house while Fred went to a family reunion and I got yet another taste of "The Jack".
From the 1/2 paper towels to the diluted dish soap, to the 1/2 handi wipe, to wash dishes, Mama is still Mama. She still buys stuff , and takes it back (hence the name "Take back Jack") so I told her, Mama the Dr. put you on hospice...just take it back like you do everything else. The Dr. does NOT direct your steps, God does, so when God calls you home, we will have a homecoming celebration. I will be sad, but I will be strong, because thats the way I was taught. Thank you for the dedication that you have given me, the backbone, the sincerity, and compassion, the morals, the steadfastness. I know these things are from the Lord, but the Lord gave me you, to instruct me. Thank you Lord for my Mama!!
June 4th 2007
Glenda Jones Rodriguez

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