Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Well its been a while! I stay so busy, sometimes I feel like I'm suffocating!!! Today I have a minute, so i thought I'd share a picture of Chad that was taken there at The Buster Cole Unit in Bonham Tx.
Whitney, Adam and myself got up early Saturday morning (like 5:30) and headed out it was a great trip, beautiful weather and Whit and Adam slept most of the trip. We got there at around 8:45 , went to the visitation room and waited, then at 9:11 there came Chad. The kids were so glad to see him. He looks good, he's put on some weight, it looks good on him. What do you think?


Carol said...

He has put on some weight! It looks good on him though. He looks older too. Like a man instead of a young boy.

Glad your visit went well.

Whitney has been real nice so far. I keep waiting for the 'mean' one to appear. LOL.


Lodykajajo said...

Chad looks good. I must say I agree with Carol that he has matured out. The little boy seems to have grown up.

Carol, Whitney really is a sweet girl. She is the sweetest niece I know. The WORLD just tried to get a hold to her every once in a while as it does to all of us. As you know the parents get the blunt end because they love her the most.

Baptist Girl said...

Thank you for cvisiting my site. It was good to hear from you. I will gladly pray for you, it would be an honor. and for you family and what a lovely family you have. I am now going to look at some of your blogs.

God Bless Sis!


Glenda, saved by grace said...

Thanks for the comments ya'll. I'm a little lax in responding to comments, but I'm gonna try to do better!