Friday, September 21, 2007

Fair time

Well its that time of year again, East Texas State fair time...crazy time. Rudy's parents have two booths out there and Rudy volunteered US to man one of them.Its definatly a job. We are making soft tacos and enchiladas, Quesadillas, and tortas with and without ogada sauce. Its pretty good stuff, at least the customers think so.There is lots of work tho, doing the food and trying to keep a very small space organized and clean. Rudy comes and helps during the lunch rush then he has to leave to go do his bus route. Then he comes back and brings Whitney with him. She has really been a great help so far this year.
We were in the middle of a run last night and Rudy's phone rang, he looked at the caller I.D. and handed the phone to Whitney, "Its Casey Rivers Whitney, go talk to him outside" She gets so star struck she can barely breath but she talks to him and they decide, we are gonna get together with him Monday so that they can practice for their performances on Monday nite, Tuesday night and Wednesday night. Like I said Its gonna be a busy week. Noah's daddy is supposta get him this weekend so that'll help. We have the motorhome at the fairgrounds so we can take Ricky with us. I'll post pics of our food on here so you can see what a "mexican chef" I've become.
In the meanwhile, have a blessed week and remember us in your prayers.

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