Friday, April 18, 2008


Good morning! It's 7:00 a.m. and I just dropped Whitney off at school. She is going on a band (UIL) trip to Dallas today. They are going to grapevine mills mall in between performances. She looked very pretty and she was excited. This is one of the first times she will go to a mall without supervision. The band director will be there, but he just instructed the students to meet back at a certain time. I'm a little bit on the nervous side. I pray she will be fine.
I am going to be busy trying to get my bathroom back in order. Deciding what I will re-hang and what I'll chunk.
Rudy is driving his bus this morning , then going to breakfast with some fellow drivers so I have a bit of extra time to sit here. Noah got up at 6:45, but he is laying in my bed, keeping an eye on me.
I went to mama's yesterday and helped her get her shower, then soaked, filed and painted her nails. Then I rolled her hair and I think she felt better when I left. I know I feel better if I feel good about my outward appearance. Her nail have always been one of her attributes. She has always had very pretty nails and they were starting to yellow. I soaked them in soapy bleach water and they really did look pretty.
I think Rudy and I are going to go see about joining the 24/7 fitness place. We had thought about another gym, but its so hard for us to get out and get there we figure somewhere in 24 hours, we'll be able to go.
2 of my grandboys are coming to spend the night tonight. Luke and Adam should be here after school time. I'm not sure what Matt & Missy have planned , but the boys and I will have fun! We may go buy their floats. I told them that I am going to buy each to them a good float and a pair of goggles for swimming. I am going to write their names on them , and they have to take very good care of them, cause when they ruin theirs they can-not have anybody else's. We'll see how that goes. They always lose,or break theirs and they always try to get mine...I usually relent, but this year "I'm stickin to my guns!" We must be responsible!
We ate chinese food last night. Chris, Dolese and her mama were there. We talked a bit and Dolese came to our table for desert. She is getting so big, and talking alot.
Pray for that family. Chris could be such a mighty arrow against the enemy, if the Lord would be pleased to save him!
Ive rambled enough. Ive got to get busy!
Have a blessed day. Talk to the Lord and ask for guidance in all you do! (I stole that from Chad) 46 days til he gets home!

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