Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday @ Mama's

Well I went to Mama's house to help with her shower, and I did. Then I rolled her hair and visited with her for awhile, then I put some music on for her and the next thing I know...

I looked over and she was sound asleep!

My aunt from Houston is coming tomorrow so I decided to straighten the house. Mama is so excited that Aunt Burr (Melba Madeline) is coming. Fred cut the yard and got it looking really nice while I held down the fort on the inside. After a while he came in to check on things.

About 10 til 1:00 I was getting ready to leave Mrs. Garner-Cheek came over to visit.

They are Friends of at least 50 years!

I finally left and came home because Rudy has to be @ the busbarn @ 1:45

Mama is much weaker than last week. She did eat a few bites, but not a whole lot. Keep her in your prayers!

Love ya'll

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Carol said...

I'm so glad Mama has such good caregivers there with her. You, Mary Ellen, Buster, & Fred.

She is blessed.