Friday, April 25, 2008


Mama and Aunt "Burr"
I went to mama's this morning. She had a really bad day up until about 3:30 P.M. when her big sister came to see her!
They had a pretty good visit, when they weren't interupted by myself and Fred checking on Mama. Mama has been nauseated really bad today even tho she hasn't eaten anything. The hospice nurse came over and accessed Mama and said that she thinks the cancer is probably going to Mama's brain, and making Mama think she's nauseated and needs to throw up when she really doesn't. The brain...the control center of the body, is a bad thing, when affected by cancer. The reason the nurse says that is because Mama is having some confusion, not always but at times. We may have to take her back to homeplace for awhile. Its a hard thing to do, but it may be necessary.

Mary Ellen and Denise, the hospice nurse

Meo and John came and visited for awhile. we were serenaded by Whitney:

We had a hard day. My Mama has 1 foot in heaven. I hate to lose her, but I so hate to see her suffer.
Keep our family in your prayers!
If your apart of our family, Mama asked me to get her book (the one that we made for her last year, Thanks to Meo) and you should have seen the pride in Mama's eyes as her sister read the entries ya'll wrote! Mama told Aunt Burr how blessed she has been by all her precious grandkids!!
Love ya'll
Here's a few more random pictures.
COMMENTS WOULD BE APPRECIATED, so I can see if anybodys reading my pecking :)

Me , Meo , Aunt Burr and Uncle Gene
Mama and Aunt Burr
Cricket and Alaine (our cousins), Me , Meo & Whit
This is a picture of a picture taken years ago of My Mama and her siblings


Mary Ellen said...

I'm reading!! Thanks for sharing you feelings. You got some good pictures.

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing all the good pictures. Wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

I love your Pictures...