Monday, April 28, 2008

This is one of the days of my Life

Good Monday Morning,
Rudy, Noah, and I went to Hospice homeplace to see Mama this morning. She seemed pretty good today. She had eaten some cereal and was sitting visiting Fred. I told her to smile for the camera so Carol and our far-away folk could see for themselves that she is O.k. She waved @ Ya'll.
She was telling me "tell Carol... I can't remember what she said tho!?!?!

The aide came in to freshen her up while we were there so Rudy Noah and I went to the toyroom:
RUDY "Papa"
Me "Babe"

We left and Matt called and he came out and met us for lunch. He has 2 more tests (exams) before he gets his RNBSN. Hayyyyyy I'm impressed. My baby getting his bachelors degree WOW thats quite an accomplishment and I am so proud! He had his cap & gown in the truck and needed to see if it fit, and to let the wrinkles fall out of it, so I got this:Matthew Scott Farnham RN, BSN A.K.A. MY SON- I am so proud of you

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Carol said...

Good pictures! Glad you shared with us, and news about Mama.