Saturday, July 26, 2008

As MY World Turns

Good Saturday morning!
Well Its been a full week, I wonder where time goes. We have had roofers at our house all week. At this point the constant "nailing" is starting to bring comfort...NOT. The roof is getting replaced because of the hail damage from the hail storm we had in April. I stayed 3 days @ the hospital with my Mother-in-law, Margie. She had to have some repairatory surgery. She is home now , as of Wednesday, and still in some pain but recovering nicely.Here she is with my dear Ninya

We celebrated Yesenia's 19th birthday last saturday @ Red Lobster. She was surprised with the typical singing waiters
Wow I see her TEETH...rare She was gracious as usual, and enjoyed herself.

I went garage saleing Friday Morning and found a wig for Whitney to wear when she imitates Loretta Lynn, Rudy decided he liked it and it really was his color!

Noah was really perplexed as to "what is wrong here"

This pic is for Kelly...Missy was talking to you!

Here are a couple of pictures of my gorgeous grandbabies!
GUESS WHO lost their 1st tooth?


Look how long her hair is

Allison Elise

We have 3 birthdays next week. I wonder if I need to remind you who they belong to?
Whitney Rene'

Can you believe she will be 15 on Monday

They are as close as I got to having twins...but they are 12 years apart!

Matthew Scott

My how time flies...he'll be 27 on Monday

Where did all that hair go?

and then on the 30th, Rudy is gonna be HOW OLD?? 6
Its gonna be a "baking " I mean "busy" week.
I'll take lots of pictures!
God bless ya'll


Carol said...

Love the wig!! Rudy looks like a real biker. Ha.

Hope everybody has a great birthday!

What lovely children you have.

Sure like the picture of Matt as a little boy. I bet my Adam was just around the corner when that picture was taken.

Oh, such good times, and we didn't even realize it.

Anonymous said...

Kaleb laughed @ his Pop! He thought he was being so silly. lol! Wish we could be there to share good times on everyones birthdays. I know there will be some good food some where between the 3 of them. MMmmmmmmm!!

Love NC

Glenda, saved by grace said...

your so right Carol, we are not guaranteed 1 second. We should be loving each other to pieces...We don't, but we'll sure have regrets when somebody dies.
ahhhhhhh pride, such a thief.