Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well I don't really have alot to blog about but I was asked to blog so here goes!
Monday of this week I went out and picked figs and man there were alot of figs out there. I was gonna fill one of Ricky's milk boxes but in just a short while I noticed that I was running out of room, so I got the big wagon and put the box in there and started letting the box over flow into the wagon. Before I knew it The wagon bottom was full and figs were starting to overflow through the cracks in the sides of the wagon. WOW...thats alot of figs. I asked Whitney if she wanted to sell any more and she said "NO" so I wondered what I would do with all the figs. I took 1 box to Mr. DeFoore, Whitneys guitar teacher, who was very glad to get them, and the rest I left in the wagon. The next morning, Tuesday, I got up early ( like a good proverbs 31 woman) and went to the dollar store in Tyler and bought some jars, not sure what I was gonna do with them but I was planning as I went. I went to Daddy's to visit with he and Dorothy for a bit and Dorothy gave me a simple recipe for "putting up figs". I went to the graveyard for awhile and thought and dug around on Mama's grave, I'm trying to start some saint Augustine grass, altho I'm not sure how successful I'll be because Saint Augustine like shade and lots of water, and there is NONE there, but I'm trying (for all you who think Ive flipped my lid, I have, and this is therapy for me LOL)anyhoo when I got through there I went by and visited Fred for a little bit. I went into the house and started crying because you can barely smell Mama anymore,I miss my Mama! Then I headed to walmart to buy sugar and strawberry jello, (part of my recipe for figs) then I came on home. I came in and Rudy thought I had really lost it when he saw me cutting up figs and boiling them and sterilizing jars and just stuff that I normally don't do.
In the process

The Final Product

This was really easy, I mean God gave me the figs for free and the jam will probably last for a year. Hey and guess what its really pretty tasty.
Yesterday , Wednesday, when Rudy and I were about to leave for church here: I saw a baby bird standing at the end of the drive way. It was so cute and looked like it was really hoping I wouldn't notice it...I did so here's a picture! I think its a road runner, see the long legs!

Look at the Sisters blog for a couple more pics of this little guy!

O.K. Kelly now the least you can do is comment!
The scripture I'm trying to memorize this week is:
James 1: 19 & 20

Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:
For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.

I may go stay at the hospital tonight with my mother-in-law. Ya'll pray for her. She had a rather invasive surgery and is really doing O.K. but is in some pain!
God bless you and keep you til we meet again!


Anonymous said...

this was the highlight of my beautiful day. Thanks Gendy and I don't think you have fliped your lid.......atleast not yet, lol!

Takin' time to smell the flowers! said...

Thanks for the comment! I have to redo my kitchen too! We're going to attempt to paint the cabinets, scary...I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. Blessings, April