Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday BABY

43 years ago today Rudy was born! To Margarita and Rudy Sr. In San Antonio Texas. I had a birth announcement, but I can't find it so these pictures will have to do to mark this G R E A T day!Rudy...probly about 2-3 months old
Wasn't he CUTE!

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I think this is about 1 year old.

My guess is that he was about 2 here. Such a darling

Fast forward to the K O O L long haired freak stage..........

Rudy and Veronica

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This is after he met ME. I saw that diamond in the rough...And wasn't Veronica a 15 year old cutie!


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What a handsome man God gave me!

And today...He's the man of my dreams!

Happy Birthday Rudy , I love you!


Anonymous said...

Very nice Blog luv the Pics

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Rudy!!

We are so glad you are part of our family.

You're a great guy!

Love ya,

Mary Ellen said...

Happy Birthday Rudy!! I hope you are having a great day.

Its Tundering said...

Happy Birthday Rudy! Love the new look! Now you just need some leather and chaps and a nice big harley and you are all set! haha

Hope you had a great birthday! Thanks for sharing the pictures Glenda!