Friday, August 01, 2008

Watching Daddy work...

I went over to my Daddy's house this morning, because meo said Daddy needed me to sign a paper at the bank. I pulled up and noticed the doors all open on the workshop. Then I noticed Daddy on the ground trying to get a wire into their washing machine gray water lines. It seems that Dorothy was washing clothes and the water would not drain, so Daddy had to go see what the problem was...
There was something blocking the way, so we got a cable with a "claw" on it and put it all the way into the line to try to move whatever was blocking them. Well, we unclogged it because the water started to flow, so we tried to get the cable back out and it would not budge. It was hung on roots, thats NOT good!
I called John to get Daddy's roto rooter and he sent Chad to bring it to Daddy. Thank you John and thank you Chad.

In the meanwhile Dorothy noticed a mouse scampering out of the line...Dorothy said he looked like a "drowned rat" After my initial "scare" I got my wit's about me and grabbed the hoe and killed it. Dorothy picked it up by it's tail and called their cat "Tom". Tom had the best time ever pitching that mouse into the air and batting it. He batted it into Daddy's shop and Dorothy got it out and finally took it and buried it, so it wouldn't stink the shop up.
This is a funny cat. Before he gets a drink of water he puts his paw into the water, I guess to check the temperature of the water. I guess he don't like hot water.

Well it turns out , about 100 ft of line is gonna have to be replaced because it is full of roots. I tried to talk Daddy and Dorothy into waiting to do the labor in the morning when it is cool. They neither one like to put off doing something, but Dorothy said they would just go get the needed pipe and work in the morning.

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These 2 are VERY RARE! There are not many people who are as active and ablebodied as they are (at their ages) The Lord has blessed them. I sure love my Daddy, I love Dorothy too and I thank the Lord for them!

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