Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gladewater Saturday Night Opry- 50's Show

Here's Whitney @ the rehearsal at the 50's show at the Gladewater Saturday Night Opry
Here she is in her 50's look... wasn't she cute!
Whitney, Cheyane Smith and "Marilyn" This woman was dressed like Marilyn Monroe only about 100 extra pounds

Debra Fox aka Myrtle

This show was really funny and the performers were all good. Debra Fox Aka
" Myrtle and Marilyn" was hilarious

Whitney looks like cat woman...something made her brown eyes blue, or what ever color this is!
Whitney sang "Rockin Robin" and "Stupid Cupid" She did a real good job. She also acted like a back up singer to the other performers and went out into the audience and danced with some of the gentlemen there...

One being the Gladewater police chief!


Carol said...

Very cute!

Mary Ellen said...

Whit looks real cute! Looks like she had a good time.