Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Rudy and I had gone to run some errands today when we saw firetrucks headed full throttle to a fire...I said "follow them and see where they're going", so we did. I almost wish we hadn't. This was a devastating scene

There were firetrucks from all over.

This one little guy seemed to be defeated ...either that or overheated which is likely , since temperatures today were in the high 90's. I walked nearly all the way up to the house and I was sweating profusely.

There were alot of people walking around , not knowing what to do but truly wishing they could help.

About the time this one was taken, the owner of the house walked to within earshot of me and was complaining about the firetrucks not getting there fast enough and in the same breath I heard him talking about all the stuff in the back albums of his kids and 20 years of memories, of his life, and marriage. About this time I just broke down. I went over to him with my arms open and hugged him and he hugged me back, and I kept telling him "I'm sorry" and he was comforting himself by saying "at least my kids were all at school and not home". We stood there embracing for a full 2 minutes I bet, just crying, then we let go and I walked away. I don't know his name...Please remember them in your prayers.

This was a beautiful house, home to a man a woman and 4 school age children...I kept thinking about those children all day, and how they were gonna feel when they got out of school and discovered that their house, their toys, their clothes and everything is gone. Lord, be with them.

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Mary Ellen said...

That has to be one of the worst things to come home to.

You sure got some great pictures (if there is such thing as great pictures in this kind of circumstance). KLTV will be trying to hire you on!