Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Automobiles, Flowers, and a Soldier...

Here's Rudy's handicapped school bus.
Hello Mr. School bus driver! There's Daniel peeking out the window!
Rudy got me flowers for nothing, wasn't that sweet!
Here's Veronica's new husband. His name is Philip Blackmon, he has been in Iraq for two terms. This is his 1st trip home in over 2 years. Welcome home Philip

We were going down the road and this car came rollin up beside us. man its small, but it was going over 80 MPH. We barely caught up to get this picture.
This gas guzzler is purple with fleks of gold, lovely paint job.
Now this is a car! I think its a 1968 camaro...the 69 had a longer front. I always liked the 68
Then I rolled up on this handsome cat, his name is Matt. He bought his family a new car. Congratulations Matt & Miss !
Hi Alli! She's proud
This is reward for all the hard school days, for both of them!


Carol said...

Hey, a new car! Congratulations Matt.

Mary Ellen said...

I bet Veronica's happy to have Philip here finally.

Congrats to Matt & Missy on their new car. Hard work does payoff.

My Wonderful Life said...

Jeremy would love the red one!!!

ROXY said...

Oh those little smart cars are so funny! My friend has one and I just think it's so cute!!