Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BRUNO'S Friday

Rudy and I and Noah met Matt & Miss & Alli at Bruno's friday.
Its always good to see them.

After they left , we met @ a car dealership and we ended up taking Alli home with us because Noah wouldn't behave.

After awhile they came in with the school boys.

Luke told us "there's a tame Parakeet out here. We went out and sure enough, there was a tame parakeet! Matt caught it and brought it into the house. Guess what, it got away...
Well , he caught it again and we put it on the porch in a box, but when we went out to check on it, it had escaped again!
Missy and I cooked Chicken fried Chicken and while we cooked , Whitney occupied Alli...She put make-up on her. Matt was not too happy about that. I don't think Luke and Adam were either.


Missy said...

Those pictures of my backside were so wrong!!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Hallelujah...I got a comment. Maybe I need to put other skinny butts on here, so I can get some comments!

My Wonderful Life said...

Alli sure is a cute little girl!!