Saturday, September 06, 2008

FRIDAY @ Daddy's

I went by to see my P.A.J. yesterday and had a nice visit while he enjoyed his Dr. Pepper.
Matt was playing with Picasa on this one picture...kinda odd lookin

I took some pictures of my step-mom, Dorothy's flowers. Aren't they PRETTY.
I think this is actually a weed, but isn't it a nice purple.
single little RED flower

Really pretty!
12 Diciples plant
Mexican Heather
These look TOTALLY different @ 4:00

Even the Shadow is pretty

I went by Mama and Fred's house and it was definatly feeding time for the Hummingbirds. I did a little cropping to get these pics closer up, but aren't they amazing. Fred is doing fine, he was changing the oil on his car, but stopped long enough to visit a minute, and watch me try to get these pictures.

This may be an OLD BIRD
Daddy and I had a nice visit and Dorothy got home from the grocery store before I left so I did get to see her, before they set sail AGAIN...headed for McCoys. They are like the hummingbirds. They don't sit still for very long! Love you Daddy and Dorothy!

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Mary Ellen said...

I keep wanting to tell you what a great job you did on the hummingbird pictures but I always get side tracked. They are great!!!