Friday, September 05, 2008

The missing POST

Kelly asked me ,"what happened to your post about you being know the one where you had a picture of Whitney talking to Casey?" Well I'll tell you the truth...I don't know. I worked on the post about why I vote republican, I added pictures like I always do I don't remember deleting ANYTHING, but that's not to say I didn't. I'm pushin 50 here, I could've, there is defiantly room for error. I seriously don't know. I went back and looked then looked at my blogger "dashboard" and I cant see any way to retrieve it. So I guess that post is history. I feel so much better now , so I don't need it there anymore anyway. I am still a little bit hoarse, , and I have an occasional coughing attack, but I am better. That was the worst sore throat I have had since I got my tonsils taken out back in 1976, that's a LONG time ago.
Anyway, its been a wet week here, but its beautiful today.
Chad got all his textbooks (Used, much cheaper), and is going to school full time, working part time @ Culinary Crossroad and going to AA. He is supposed to be bringing the message this Sunday night @ Arbor place Baptist church. I will be there to support him.

Whitney and Ricky started this school year off on a good note, Whitney says she LOVES highschool MY BEAUTIFUL FRESHMAN....
And Ricky is doing his LAST year in school period. He turned 21 on July 11th of this year, and 22 is the cut off so this is the finito for him!Sen~Or -Ricky- Senior
We went to dinner with friends Diane and Charlie last night @ Petty's and we had a nice visit,They DID NOT want their pictures taken, but I told them they had better smile, but they didn't so...I wonder if they're wanted or something?
While we were there we ran into Philip Hayes and his parents. He's the Lindale boy who won the Texas Teen Debate. He was scheduled to speak at the Republican Convention, and did in fact go, but didn't get to speak because of "GUSTAV"
Mr and Mrs. Hayes and Philip
"The Champ"
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Thanks Matti Cake! I Love You!

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