Thursday, September 04, 2008

He Knows What He Is Doing

I copied this from another blog, I want to give full credit to the person who wrote it. I wanted to link to the other blog SO THERE! I DID IT , IT WORKS

Whenever man tries to do the work of God he gets tired and frustrated. God’s work is beyond man’s abilities.
His work of creation was unique. Man cannot hang even one little star up in the firmament.
His work of salvation cannot be repeated.
Man cannot do it.
He only can try to copy it.
Isn’t that obvious?
The world is full of bad copies of the work of God, all kinds of salvation packages with man’s price tags in them.
In Luke 10 the disciples get to taste a little of the power of God.
They see people being healed, demons cast out and souls set free.
Most probably ordinary people admired them.
They became supermen overnight.
They were successful and happy.
Jesus saw this new experience deceiving them and decided to teach them two important principles.
Don’t rejoice in that what you can do, but in that what God has done and in how He has done it.
Look at the work of God.
It will last forever.
All other copies will be disqualified one day.
We are not the Creator.
We are the creation.
We are not the Savior.
We are the saved.
Let’s put our shoulders back and believe in that what God is doing.
“This is the work of God that you believe in Him whom He sent.” John 6:29

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