Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I just can barely make myself stay inside...It is just so beautiful outside. The air is crisp and fresh, I almost can't tell when I'm having a hotflash Its a great feeling. Rudy and I have been going to the fair and HE'S been helping his parents. I have been watching "the Noah" and walking around visiting. I use to see so many people there that I knew. My 2nd grade teacher ran a booth selling corn-dogs or something, she's not there anymore. I use to be out doing my coffee route and I knew so many people. Now I see some familiar faces, but I really know very few. Mostly friends of my kids will come up to me and ask about the one they went to school with. Yesterday , a friend of Chads came to the booth and was astonished that "Whitney" was working the booth. She's just a little girl, the guy said. Then yesterday Matt and Chris were talking about ways to improve business in the booth and they said "if you had some pretty girls in here, you'd have more business...I said yeah that's right , cause when Whitney and Amy work , we get really busy...Chris and Matt just kinda looked at each other and said no, that's not what we meant... Oh it was boys, you just don't want to think about your little sister as being a "pretty girl"

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