Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday @ The Fair

We met Matt, Missy, Alli and Chris at the fairgrounds this morning for lunch. Alli & Noah walked around and looked at all the exhibits and livestock. They were neither one very impressed with the cows, but they sure liked the balloons!

Chris and Matt sure enjoyed the quesadillas, Missy and I had corn tacos, then ice cream, then a funnel cake, whewww, nothing like good old greasy fair food

It started getting hot around noon and the kiddos started getting fussy, ready for their naps.

Baby and Krissy and their kids showed up to eat. Here's a picture of baby and his little girl Ainslee Marie
Rudy must have taken this one when I wasn't looking.
Today was 80's day at LHS. Whitney tried to mock D.J. from "Full House". Thats what she looked like to me.
Tomorrow is 70's day...I wonder where I put those bell bottoms?
She was the most beautiful girl in her 9th grade class today! (private Joke)I love you Whitney!

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