Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Monday

Well hello ya'll

things are OK in Lindale, Texas.

I got up this morning and finished my yard. I had done all the mowing and most of the edging Saturday as well as picking up remnants of hurricane IKE. Somehow I feel like this hurricane has been a tool of the Lord to clean all the trees up. I mean, most of the dead limbs are down and I didn't even have to do it.I don't mean that facetiously, if there are any readers who suffered great loss or damage, its just an analogy I use, and I am truly sorry for your loss, but I am glad that the Lord blew on my trees!

After I raked the rest of the back yard, I went to the side yard and started cleaning out the space where we keep our lawn mowers and such. There was alot of junk out there that I kept the last time I cleaned it out, thinking it may be of some use, but today I threw it all away. Old fans, the corner lamps that are supposed to connect to Rickys waterbed that were in the way, that I thought I might find a use for...GONE. The 3 gas cans with broken spouts, GONE. I hate clutter and that space was cluttered...not anymore

Any way...I'm feeling pretty pleased right now, ya know I've accomplished something! I hope it stays that way. Now I've got a humongous basket of clean laundry that I need to fold before Whitney gets home, because I have to take her to guitar lessons as soon as Rudy gets back off of his bus route.
I hope everyone's having a great monday


whitneyy:) said...

what a lovely day you mustt havvee hadd:)

candace cane said...

ello mate from australia your yard lookss chipperr..

have a great week mate!!

Carol said...

It all looks fab-u-lous. Sounds like a very productive day.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job....