Friday, September 19, 2008

whittss worldd:)

whitneyss life(for a day):)
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Heyy yall:)
im whitney rodriguez. Im a freshman at LHS and i absolutley love it i just made jv softball which is really amazingg i love it too:).
I also sing and play the guitar thats pretty much my life..
im really blessed with parents and brothers who support me in any and everything i do with my music:)I also plan to make a career out of the talent that God gave me:)Im a very nice person
and im sure i would like youu:)

Last night i had a blast at the east texas state fair it was so much fun:)these are a couple of my friends karina and katie:)

these are my two favorite kids. they recently moved back to tyler from across the water:)they are not only my favorit kids but my favorite cousinss:)
we all had alot of fun at the fair... We have a food booth at the fair we serve mexican food not the fake tex mex crapp but like the real thinggg:)hahah
this is what it looks like in actionnn:)


Mama's Losin' It said...

Hi Whitney! It looks like you had fun at the fair. You girls better stay out of trouble...boy what a good looking bunch!

Mary Ellen said...

What a sweet and pretty young lady. Looks like you hd a good time along with lots of othr folks.