Saturday, October 11, 2008

Country Fest 2008

We watched the parade at the country fest. The kids loved the siren of the fire trucks when they went by.

Smiles from ear to ear.

We, the adults were holding our ears because it was so loud, the kids were exhilirated...charged up with excitement.

Luke and Adam tried their luck at climbing the rock wall. Luke did pretty good and I'll just say Adam hung on for awhile and leave it at that.

Now this was Adam's forte' He scored a hole in one 4 times out of 5


Chen,Shun-Chuan said...
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Sojourner said...

I haven't been to a parade in many years. The rock climbing looks more like rock hoisting with the wee ones! Bet your proud of your daughter. You have a sweet family.

Tulip Girl said...

This is entirely unrelated...

...but you have a relative with the name of Brystan??

Thats MY name! I've never known anyone else to have that name in all 21 years of my life...(not that that is very long...but still)

I'm amazed :)