Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday blog, What happened MONDAY

I went by the cemetery to fix Mama's memorial for fall. Isn't it pretty.
Buster told me to put it on here so he could see it. Papaw Fred had (Day) surgery today . The dr. put a stint in his leg to improve his circulation to his feet. Everything went well and he is at home, and Beverly, his daughter, is staying with him for a few days.

This is Ms. Bonnie, One of Whitney's friends(Karina) mama. We stopped by their house on the way back from guitar lessons. Whitney and Tim (Ms. Bonnie's boyfriend )love to play the guitar and sing. They sound so good together.

They were singing and playing and I just enjoyed it so much
They also fed us, not formally, but Ms. Bonnie asked us to "taste" this and that and before we knew it we were full. She is such a good cook.

I got a call from Buster today I missed it, but I listened to the voice mail, it said "another girl"... I've heard her name is gonna be
"Veyda Leann-Isabelle Dahms" Thats a big name for a little girl... When I first heard it I didn't like it, but its kinda growing on me.I'm pretty sure she's due around my birthday!

( This is an old sonogram picture)


Sojourner said...

Oh what a wonderful birthday present that will be will she be another grand-daughter? I love jam sessions. My Mama taught herself the play and she used to have friends over all the time playing and singing into the wee hours of morn! Memories of Mom is good!

BoufMom9 said...

LOVE all of the photos of everyone playing guitar together. FABULOUS.

melissa said...

You take such lovely pictures. I like the babies name. After you say it a few times it sounds smoothe.
My mom told me that when I was picking baby names to go in the back yard a bellow whatever name I was thinking of and Come to dinner if it sounded stupid, it was.