Thursday, October 02, 2008

SELAH (Think on these things)

Food For Thought

The other evening I found myself staggering alone under a load that was heavy enough to crush half a dozen strong men.
Out of sheer exhaustion I put it down and had a good look at it.

I found that it was all borrowed: part of it belonged to the following day; part of it belonged to the following week - and here was I borrowing it that it might crush me now!

It is a very stupid, but a very ancient blunder.
- F.W. Boreham.

You and I are to take our trials,
our black Fridays, our lone and long nights,
and we are to come to Him and say,
"Manage these, Thou Wondrous Friend,
Who canst turn the very night into the morning;
manage these for me!"

1 comment:

Mary Ellen said...

Good thoughts! I have found that I not only borrow but just plain try to take THINGS ON that are not even mine to take on.