Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Noah ~Ricky

Today October 1st when Ricky got home from school, Noah decided he wanted some attention from Ricky... Ricky is our 21 year old son who has cerebral palsy. He probly knows alot more than we think he knows, but we always say his age level is about 6 months, at least his motor skills. He cant feed himself, he can't sit up, well really he can't do anything, but he can smile, and he can make Noah leave him alone! Believe it!

Noah would go towards Ricky and Ricky would knock him away...Laughing the whole time. Noah was laughing so hard, he was having a hard time catching his breath!

They romped around til I could tell Ricky was getting tired and ready for Noah to leave him alone. He usually takes about an hour nap after he gets home, and it was PAST TIME!

When I made him get off the bed and leave Ricky alone, Noah laid on the floor and cried. He didn't want the fun to stop


whitney:) said...

woahh thats looks funn:)

juan said...

hola from mexicoo... to blog is nice...buenos nochess!!

DFTF said...

Aw, sweet brothers!