Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Wednesday

Good morning!

What a beautiful morning it is! I slept in...I didn't wake up until 7:20 which is late for me. Noah was in rare form yesterday. Well I say rare form , it is becoming the norm. He is a rowdy, rambunctious little boy. But the point I was trying to make was that he was up til 10:30 last night. I am usually SO ready for him to go to sleep when he finally does!
We are getting NOWHERE with the potty training. He will go any and everytime I take him, but if I forget to take him he will wet or poop and he could care less. I guess I expect him to be uncomfortable and want the wet pull-up or underwear off, but he doesn't

I keep saying I've never had a kid go to school in their diapers, so I know he'll train, but he's gonna be 3 in Nov and I'm gonna be 50 in Febuary and I'm TIRED! When he's 13 I'll be 60...I guess God didn't intend for me to ever have any time to myself...
Coming home yesterday I took some random pictures I'd like to share. There was a really bad 5 tractor trailer wreck Monday night on I-20 by our house , so the interstate was closed. There were 2 lives lost, I'm very sad and sorry for all those involved. I took pics of the messy traffic it caused a day later.

They were detouring big trucks off the interstate, down 69 to the loop then around to 271.
There were traffic cops at the loop and 69 directing traffic, trying to get all the big trucks through the (famous Tyler) red lights.
Well on to a lighter note, I snapped a few more random pictures of God's beautiful world.

this is just 1 I thought I'd throw in...I sure would like to have this car!(not really, but it reminds me of my 1st car)
This is for my sister Mary...This should inspire you to make some home made fried pies, and be sure to invite me over when you do!
LOOK I got my signature. Thank you Barb from A Cowboys Wife
I hope everyone has a great day.

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Mary Ellen said...

I knew you would accomplish getting your signature like you wanted. Live Signature is what I have for my Outlook but I never thought of it for the blog. GOOD JOB!!!