Tuesday, December 02, 2008


This is ME and my youngest grand-daughter, Dolese

Here's Rudy ready to fry the turkeys, he fried 3, and there was very little left. It was GOOD!

Well my friends, I'm not sure if I just ate too much turkey and dressing (or pecan pie) or what, but I just cant seem to get my head to think, and my fingers to type. Maybe you could just call it laziness. I just know I'm having to force myself to sit down and write something. I have lots of pictures, not real good ones because I was so busy with the meal that I didn't get behind the lens very much.O well I'm gonna put some pictures up and tell you about them...O yeah I have been going to a revival meeting at Arbor Place Baptist church and hearing some really good messages every night , and night time is when I usually blog...so maybe that is why I have this blogger slump going on, I don't know but I'm trying to shake it off!

This is ME! with my 2nd grandson ADAM

This is my Daddy (Left) and my step dad (right) I know... my family is unique.

Papaw Fred comforting Noah

Whitney and Jesse

My sister Mary AKA Meo AKA (sidebar) Life of MEJ AND JMK
My son, Chad
Whitney, Karina, Bonnie. What has Whitney got in her mouth?

My son's Chris & Matt

2 of my daughters-in-law, Missy & Jennifer
(I miss you Kelly & Michael, maybe next year)

I can't finish this with out a little idea of the food we ate... Below made just for Kelly, Macaroni & cheese... Pecan pie and deviled (they taste more like angeled) eggs

Bro Bare and a couple guys from the mission.
Missy telling Kelly how much she misses her
All in all it was a lovely Thanksgiving. I missed my other sister Carol aka (sidebar)Welcome to my world, and her family and my neice's and nephew's and especially my MAMA, but i'm sure she's feasting EVERYDAY!
Ya'll have a blessed day.


Mary Ellen said...

Good Blog to me cause I enjoy the pictures and your comments on your pictures. Love you, MEO

My Wonderful Life said...

Looks like yall had a good time.
Maybe next year I will make it up there.

Carol said...

I missed being there too. Glad ya'll had a good time though.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh Glenda! What a wonderful Thanksgiving you had! You are sooo blessed to be able to spend it with so many members of your family! I love the pictures! You must have taken some breaks while cooking to get this many…
Hey, I love the “deviled (they taste more like angeled) eggs” thought! Now I’m going to have to research and see how they got their name. They were my FIL’s favorite food over the holidays so I always made tons!

Anonymous said...

we had a great time and good food... Thank you for all the hard work you did.. Love you

Jen B. said...

You've got a beautiful family! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!