Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 3 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Hello (again) from Guadalajara . Today is day 3 and I'm getting pretty homesick ! I miss my kids! I talked to Matt & Whitney and I think that may have made it worse!
This 1st picture is of one of the ways people here make money...Advertising . This was really weird to me but if you can make a buck, I say go for it.

These guys are going to where ever they have their shop set up, either on the road or in a (home) store-front. I'm not sure what these things are, I think there dust pans.

I took this picture out of my 3rd floor hotel room window. This woman does NOT have any legs. She was on a skateboard, rolling around asking for money. The lady in brown went over and gave her money and I saw several cars stop and give her money. May the Lord help her! This is one of many handicapped people I've seen. I also saw a man today with no legs, crawling around
We went to a familiar place (Pizza Hut) and I found this odd...Catsup for pizza and salsa (their own brand) for pizza .The pizza was O.K., but it was not U.S.A. Pizza Hut!.
We have been buying a few items here and there, this is the guy that we bought the clever for Tim and Bonnie from. He makes them right here in his little cubby hole shop. If your reading this and you want me to get you something you better ask now!!

Rudy took this picture of this little boy statue...There are no words for this!

The cab driver called my attention to this...This, my dear friends, is a MAN... Its another blurry one cause I didn't want to take the picture dead on...Take me home country roads!

I miss you boys...and My beautiful sassy Ninya Badinya (Whitney)


Carol said...

Well, if you're taking orders, I would like a big bottle of pure vanilla extract. A friend of mine was in Mexico about 3 years ago and brought me back some. It was pretty cheap there, and it has lasted me for three years, but I am just about out now.

Have fun!

Mary Ellen said...

I'm in for the vanilla!

Whitney wants a dress!!!

hope you all are having a great trip.

Jen B. said...

LOVE the pictures! Thanks for taking me along for the trip! ;)

Anonymous said...
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Glenda, saved by grace said...

I just cant understand annonymous comments. If you have something to say to me Email me or at least leave your email so I can comment back...CHICKEN!