Saturday, December 13, 2008


Today was a very Happy Day for Yesenia...She graduated!

She was pleased and so were her parents. Here she is with her parents, Chon & Madellia

Here she is with Rudy's mom , her Tia Margarita. Here's the graduate with Rudy and yours truly! ( I have got to do something with this hair!)

After graduation we took the family to a really nice restaurant called Santa Coyote. Here's the entry way. This is candle wax all over the table and wall. It was really neat looking.

You eat outside . It a real nice atmosphere, It is American food. But I think Santa Coyote was an indian because as you go through the restaurant you see the indian theme.

We saw smoke and smelt cedar so we got up to go look. The waiter informed us that they were offering food to the "indian god". If you look closer you can see the food. Oh how sad. Deception everywhere.
This is part of the atmosphere.
This is Yesenia's food...shrimp wrapped in chicken. She said it was very good.
This is a pond there in the restaurant. Is this a Koi Pond? Or are these goldfish?

When we left the restaurant we passed a family of real indians, or so Rudy said...
This guy was selling cotton candy and those who know me, know I LOVE cotton candy. Rudy bought me some and I tasted it and YUCK...It was made with sugar cane, or at least thats what it tasted like. I sent it home with Madellia to give to Deniss, who likes it like that!

And last , well just LAST (no pun intended) I am hoping that there are no bodies in these but who knows? Rudy got a real kick out of this one.
Well anyway, our phones have been messed up, but mine is NOW fixed. I'm letting Rudy carry it tho cause he can't go without a phone.
Its been a good day. I'm exausted...Between the internet going down and my typo's, it's taken me 1 1/2 hour to post this.
God bless ya'll, keep us in your prayers!


Carol said...

Nice pictures! The big one on top is really pretty.

Congratulations Yesenia!! Good job.

What are her plans now?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Yesenia!! Very good job! You look beautiful! and happy and thats good, I miss you! Mama I love you and miss you too, i cant wait till you get back home! And bring Yesenia with you!:)

angelonwheels said...

Hi Thanks for your comment on my poem. Sorry for my length delay in responding. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog. That shrimp looks good. I love shrimp!

Blessings From Above said...

Congrats to the graduate. Yesenia is very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Just like CHAD, eehhemm, we too are very proud of Yesenia and can't wait for her to come see us again. I love the pictures but not too umm, how do I say this nicely, well, that "Indian God" umm yea I guess some people just need entertaining. Love you and talk 2 ya soon.

Jen B. said...

Congrats to Yesenia! Looks like you all had a great dinner out!