Monday, December 15, 2008

Look @ The Pictures...GDL Day 5

This picture was taken at the catholic hall. (I can't call it a church) This little girls daddy was playing with her and she had the sweetest smile!

Ok, Now I know my sisters won't believe it but we went to a catholic hall...NOT to worship. Rudy had 2 cousins who were being Wet, decieved, baptised and I had Rudy take the pictures because I was sick to my stomach just being there, seriously. Those poor people who do not have a cent or peso to spare, go out and get all these fancy clothes, and candles and shoes and all this junk and then go let this "man" pour a little water on them and call them saved and sealed. What a crock, and whats bad is that they all believe it!. I can't tell you how many taxi cabs we've gotten into that had all their prayer beads hanging on the mirror and their pictures of Mary on their dashes, and they think "their IN"
My heart breaks .
Before we went I listened to 2 sermons on sermon audio about how to tell a catholic the gospel, but I couldn't say anything because of the language barrier.

This is the mother to the little girl above. She was dressed like a street walker for the "ceremony" or show , as I called it . After the man poured the water on the little girl the mom had this satisfied smile on her face, she was so proud that they had done the right thing, or made the right decision... I asked the little girl if they go to church or worship in any way and she said NO only for confirmation classes. They just have to take the classes and get all dressed up and get water poured on them then they can live any way they want. So sad!

While the "show" was going on , this dog came walking through. He sniffed around a little bit, walked around up by where the man that was pouring water was then walked on out. I wanted to go with him...

Here are the two children , all baptised and headed for heaven .
On a lighter note...Here's a picture of Madellia and I making tamales , now listen here , this is hard work ! Rudy and I left before we even got 1/2 of them wrapped up , but the making the masa and the chicken stuff that goes inside was hard.

I really did give it my best shot. My arms are sore today

This is a picture of Rudy talking to his grandma. She is in her upper 80's and she still walks everywhere she goes. She has a son who still lives with her, who all the siblings want to move out because they say he takes advantage of grandma(Wella), but she won't hear of it. She still cooks and cleans for him. I think there must be 1 in every family!

Madellia does this 3 times a week. She makes the tamales to sell at the school. This is how she contributes to her family's household. She wears the thing on her head to make sure no hair gets in the food. She also makes oatmeal and puts it into little six ounce cups and sells that too. In the morning when people head out to work , she's got it all ready and they stop and buy a cup for 5 pesos right out of her kitchen.

Here's some of the familia , L to R- Rudy , His Mom- Margarita, Wella, Tia Monika, and in the back Yesenia's dad, Concepcion or Chon as they call him.

And here I am sitting here writting this...missing every other keystroke on this dumb old laptop, about ready to fly home tomorrow to my good old desktop , and my house and my daughter and Noah and all my stress and MY BEDDDD!
I can't wait.

Here's a picture of some of the christmas lights in the most religious city Ive ever seen in my life! There was a fountain with water and I put the camera really close to the water and got a piture of the lights and the reflection...Pretty huh.
We'll get on the plane around 3 , ya'll keep us in your thoughts and prayers!


Washer Mom Val said...

Love the "Fount" song by Mark Schulz. Cool pics. Explanations?

Mary Ellen said...

Was the pictures of the little girl a conformation?

Good pictures!!