Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Guadalajara Jalisco , Mexico

Welcome to GDL Jalisco, Mexico! We got here yesterday and I am taking in all the sites as best I can. There is just so much to see. This really is a beautiful country, but it is
definatly poverty stricken.

I want to share some of the sights with you! The houses are all connected. It is strange (to me) . Most of the people don't have yards. So they use their flat roofs for things we use our back yards for.
This is a mountain side with typical houses
I'm not sure what this picture on it, maybe there is something I cant see while I'm trying to write this.

Here's Yesenia with her family's pet chicken, seriously, this is their pet.
This is standing in front of Yesenia's house looking down the street. The street is barely fit for a car to drive on, you have to walk about 5 blocks before you can catch a bus (commune), then you get to the main street and catch a taxi. Its a real pain, but I guess if thats all you know, well hay, it might not be so bad...

Here's Yesenia's baby sisters, Fernanda is the oldest, she is 9, the baby is Deniss, she is 4 and so shy.

The people her do anything to make money. They sell food on the street, some ladies even have tables set up in their houses with the door open. They sell food right out of their kitchens.

Most houses have at least 1 dog on their roof...yes I said on their roof...Thats where they keep their animals
Here's another picture of a residential area, or colony as they call them.
Here's a homeless guy with his dog, I don't know who looked worse the dog or the man...

I probly seem like just a tourist to these people , but honestly this is breaking my heart . I have been walking down the streets in tears. I want to buy something from everybody. I want to drop a coin in every beggars cup. I know I cant, but Lord knows my heart truly hurts! The only ones that seem to be begging are the elderly or maimed people, the able bodied people are either washing windshields or selling something, anything to make a dollar . I have seen several people with cerebral palsy in wheel chairs begging and I can't help but think of my boy at home. This is definatly going to be life changing trip. No wonder they try to come to the U.S.A.
I'll write more later!


Ronda's Rants said...

I understand...Why are you there?
We visited Honduras on a Mission trip...the people are wonderful...we have a construction company. Mexican people are the hardest working people and we value the relationships we have made...there isn't a lot of opportunity in their country!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I ended up here by doing the "decide" button. I used to live in a place outside Guadalajara called Las Fuentes. It was an small complex with mostly retired Americans.

It's nice to meet you. Have a terrific trip. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Glenda:You and Rudy take care of yourselves and come back safely. Thanks for sharing your blog. You and your family are in my prayers. Traci

whitneyy:) said...

madre:)it looks like your having a lovely time in mexicoo(without me i might add):)its okay though ill go next time,,i hope you dont miss me too muchh,,i sure miss you and padre:)ill see you in 5days and 5nights(including tonight)notice the way i said padre and madre i felt it was necessaryy:)mann dont youu miss my sense of humor!!:)hahaha..remember the time when we where in walmart and i was like madre im funny i should be a comedian and you said whitney the only person that thinks you are funny is you and those people we passed heard you and started laughingg:)or the time it was you me and lacy in walmart and we couldnt find you so we went to the loud speaker and asked them to buzzzz aunt glenda rodriguez:))that was should make a blog about funny thingss that happen in walmart that would be cool:)well madre my point in all this is that i miss you and i am ready for you to come home,,be safee:)(tell padre i said what up home dog):)iloveyou

Carol said...

Oh gosh. That is sad. We just don't know how good we have it here in America. We take it so for granted.

Thanks for sharing pictures!

Be safe,

Mary Ellen said...

I am truly enjoying your pictures.

It is very sad the way things look there. We are very blessed to live in the United States of America.

You daughter is doing good!

lookuptoday said...

It is so nice of you to share your trip. Sure makes one appreciate what we have. My friends daughter lived in mexico for a few years and showed us pictures similar to yours.She said she had to get up real early in the morning to do laundry by hand on the roof, because it was to hot by ten o'clock. She said the people were all really nice. Look forward to hearing more. Dee

Jen B. said...

I understand why your heart is breaking... mine is breaking just seeing the pictures & reading your post. We really do live in an amazing country.... no wonder everyone wants to come here.