Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Home Again Home Again...

Before I left on the 23rd Michael and Kelly made me cupcakes and brought me flowers and a really nice card. I had a really nice birthday in North Carolina. Thank you Michael, Kelly and Kaleb. Thank you so much for your hospitality!

I hate leaving you all there and I miss sleeping with my Laleb (Kaleb) but I had to come home, even tho I feel like I left a piece of me there :(

I got up in North Carolina @ about 6:50 A.M. and headed to Raleigh-Durham airport. My plane was to leave @ 11:40, so I was there in plenty of time. I had to go turn in my rent car, I got there about 10:00 am and had to pay an extra 25.00 because the car was not topped off in gas. It had between full and 3/4 tank, but because it was not FULL I had to pay the minimum of 25.00. What a rip off...It was a nice car tho and it was a good deal. We got it on hot wire for 20$ a day. I'm really not complaining...Anyway...I went on to the airport and caught my flight , I got to Dallas @ at 2:05 and had to wait til 4:30 for the 20 minute flight to Tyler. I got there and instead of my husband , I saw my sister's smiling face...

I knew Whitney had to stay at school late so I figured Rudy couldn't get a baby sitter so he sent Meo & John.

Well, we got home and Missy and the kids were there and Rudy had me a cake baked and Quesadillas, with beans and rice.

O my goodness, so much for my diet. Then They all sang happy birthday and I got presents! My sister and John got me 2 sheep ( I collect sheep) and Then I opened up the one from Rudy

Its a Cannon Rebel, Camera with a couple of BIG lenses! Wow I've got alot to learn and there will be NO excuses for blurry pictures!

Whitney and Emily ate, and were very pretty models for my new camera.

What a great birthday... You are such a good cook...Thank you sweetheart, your so good to me!


Carol said...

What a great homecoming and birthday surprise! A new camera. Wow. Have fun with it.

Love ya!

Dee said...

Happy Belated Birthday and welcome home. Dee

beckymc said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I am glad you got to visit family. It is wonderful to go and bittersweet to come home. We will be looking for many new pictures now that you got a new camera.