Sunday, June 14, 2009

From My brother-in-law

I dont watch Letterman nor do I know what he said about Govenor Sarah Palin or her daughter, but I am likeminded with my brother-in-law, Bo and I trust him, so I'm passin on what he said!

UPDATE: I went and read about the controversy and as I thought Bo's right!
Here's the story: Palin Vs Letterman
Not Original but Right
There are those that get a pass for saying anything that comes into their heads and out of their mouths. It can be sickeningly vulgar, utterly raciest, hate filled, violence promoting garbage and it is passed by the media and the so called enlightened liberal, almost unnoticed. Not only does the media and Liberal give them a pass, but We whom it offends and harms let it pass without comment or contest.

I understand the Media "Giving them a Pass". They agree with the underlying AGENDAS of the people they give the pass to. They, too, are sickeningly vulgar, utterly raciest, hate filled and they promote violence. The Media believes that it is OK for gay men and women to exchange the God created, God instituted, natural act of procreation for an unnatural, dirty, unhealthy, act of sexual gratification. The Media and those who agree with and believe the same, thinks it is OK for minorities to degrade, vilify, condemn, and slander the white majority. They will not recognize that as raciest. The Media agrees with those who think they are entitled to something others have worked for when they do nothing but sit around with their hand out. The Media agrees with those that believe they can and should restrict FREEDOM of others so long as it doesn't effect theirs. I understand the Media "Giving them a Pass". BUT WHY DO WE?

Why do We allow the killing of unborn children? Why do We allow the display and promotion of filthy, unnatural sexual activity? Why do We allow the taking of our hard earned money so it can be given to those who wont work? Why do We allow ourselves to be constantly accused of racism. Why do We allow the Media and Liberal a pass to lie, and slander good Men and Women who stand up for what is RIGHT and GOOD? Why do We allow God given, Constitution guaranteeing, FREEDOMS to be taken from us? Why do We?

I guess I don't know why. But you know, maybe why is not important. What is important is that we begin not allowing those things to go on uncontested. Please join with me in standing for something you are passionate about. You or I alone can't have much affect on what is getting a "Pass" but collectively WE CAN.

I sent the following to CBS in order to not allow David Letterman or CBS a "Pass" on a wrong he committed.

Because of Letterman’s comments regarding The Palin daughter I will not watch his show on CBS, or if he appears on any form of entertainment I may be watching I will turn it off. I will not view any CBS telecasts and will try to identify the products that advertise on the Letterman show and discontinue their use. Those comments, “jokes”, were not proper. I understand the Palin’s problem with them and any normal Mother or Father would feel the same.
Some of our most important freedoms in this country allow criticism in many forms applied to our opponents or those who disagree with us. Letterman crossed a line not clearly defined by those freedoms but which is clearly defined by moral and ethical adult behavior.
I now know he has nothing to offer as a person or an entertainer and I won’t waste my time again.

Bo Kizziar
Amarillo, Texas

I don't pretend to have an audience on my blog. Only a few people read it and I appreciate your comments when you do. If however, you find this one has merit and you agree with the idea and thoughts behind it, feel free to copy it and email to people you think might respond in not giving WRONG a "PASS".


Gramma 2 Many said...

Absolutely correct. I will copy it tomorrow. Tonight I am just doing a little reading and commenting. Good job Bo!!

bringing up boys said...

Letterman was way too vulgar forme, but I did watch Leno occasionally, He was right on the bandwagon with all the media. Govenor Palin stands for the right to life, as evidenced by her beautiful baby Trig, and now her beautiful God Given grandchild. But, we never get praise in this world for standing on God's word. Boo Hiss CBS, Letterman etc. Thank you Govenor Palin for living your convictions

Anonymous said...

What happened to "Love thy neighbor?" so now all black people are racists and all gay people are defined by whatever they do or do not do in bed, and all minorities degrade and vilify the majority? Is this true of Evangelical Christians? Aren't they a minority in the larger scale of things. Well, everyone has a right to rant, but why all the hate? Tija S