Saturday, June 13, 2009

What I'm doing

I just wanted to check in and let anybody that cares, or not, know that I am SUPER BUSY ! Michael's (Kelly and Kaleb) home, Matt's (Missy, Luke, Adam and Allison) moving to Beaumont, Jessica's had me running to and from the dentist , getting her teeth fixed, Whitney's doing summer school, one of my friends Daddy died so Ive been funeraling (thats SO not a word), Busters girls( Rachel, Sarah, and Emmy and my sweet great neice Veyda) have been in and out and we're buying a ticket to bring Yesenia back for a few months (getting Jesse's old room ready for her)
WHEWWWW.........Pictures of these events to come!


angelonwheels said...

That makes me tired for you just reading it! Thank you for encouraging me on my post warfare. Take care of yourself, even as you give to others.

Carol said...

Yep, you lead a busy life!

I hope Matt & Missy like Beaumont and do well there.

Jules said...

G, don't forget to take time away from busy. It's in the quiet times when we hear the most.

My love to your world,

Dee said...

I care.. and i understand! Blessings...Dee