Monday, July 27, 2009

How's your faith?

We had a good day at church yesterday.

The preacher preached out of the 11th (Faith) chapter

of Hebrews, after the message I was thinking on Noah.

Imagine living in a wicked world, similar, I'm sure to this one, and you hear about a guy starting

to build this gi-normous ark...Preparing for rain (whats that) and a huge flood (what do you

mean water coming out of the sky) Everybody must have thought he was crazy. From what my

pastor says, there had never been rain before. There were no takers, except his family. Never

the less , Noah did what he was instructed to do. Wonder what we would have done?

Hebrews 11:1 says :
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen .

The preacher said that :
Faith is -Believing what God says , and acting like it.

He used the reference in Acts 27 Paul had gotten a word from the Lord that , even tho the ship

would be destroyed , not any person or life would be lost . The shipmen were scared , but in the

34 th and 35 th verse , Paul sat down , prayed and ate a sandwich ( or something similar ) ... Paul

had faith and he acted like it .

He was resting in Christ .

That 11th chapter gives us such great examples . People like us , who struggled in their day to

day lives ,who had faith .

Sometimes I wonder how Abraham and Sarah made it into that chapter , because they went out

and caused a big mess with their FREE - WILL with Hagar ( This is another post , but I believe

this is where the muslim people came from) , but in the end they had faith . Then we read about

how Abraham was ready to offer up his son Issac , O Lord he was truly a man of faith .

One of my boys has pneumonia and I am scared to death . O ME of little faith... Matt is much
better , by the way, thank You Lord .

I say I have faith . I believe I have faith , but I wonder , if I was ever tested like these people

how I would act .

I would probly be like Thomas in John 20:25 and have to SEE for myself.

Today I am asking God for FAITH.

Lord , please help my unbelief . Please help me to have that Saving faith that these men and

women , these great examples , in Hebrews 11 had.

Thank you Lord!

My People before church

My Best friend & husband...Rudy

Jessica, Yesenia, Whitney and Noah

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Carol said...

I do not believe we muster up faith. Faith is the gift of God. To some he gives great faith, to others he gives small faith. Those men of the bible had great faith, true. God gave it to them. He planned to write about their faith thru Moses and the prophets in his word.

I think the more we learn about Christ and his great love for us, the more faith grows in us, the more we trust in him and rest in him.

Rather than worrying that we don't have enough faith, I think we should look to Christ, learn all we can about him, and as we do this, faith comes to us.

Good picture of Rudy!