Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Sick (27 year old) Baby Boy

Matt and Missy, Luke, Adam , and Allie came to visit this past weekend. They got here around 7:30 Friday night. We had hot dogs and chips and I was so glad to see them.
Matt was not acting like himself, I just kinda blew it off, but as the night went on, I could tell that he really was not feeling well. I took pictures but he made me promise I wouldn't put them on "the blog".This one is not bad, Matt
Well on Saturday morning he was supposed to go fishing with his dad and Chris . I heard him calling and putting the river trip on hold until noon or later...He had had a fever, but being the R.N. that he is, he kept saying its will go away...Well by noon it was around 105...I rushed and put ice paks under his arms and on his head and fed him Tylenol. He slept on and off for the rest of Saturday.
Rudy and I and our herd went to church on Sunday morning, then met Cindy and Terri, and Pa-Paw at sweet Sue's for lunch and Yesenia's birthday cake (Happy 20th birthday Yesenia)and when we got back home, Matt was burning up with fever again. Missy told us that she was taking the kids to her Mother and taking Matt to Emergency care. So away they went.
They came back to the house a couple hours later and Matt had copies of his bloodwork and UA results, all showing NORMAL. He was still burning up with fever, but insisted that they had to go so that he could prepare to make the trip back to Beaumont. I talked to him on and off that night and I had a horrible dream about him, and woke myself up crying... The next morning I called and he was still sick... I told him, "I'm calling your Daddy and we're going to see a doctor TODAY."
I did, and his daddy called and set up an appointment with his Dr. and the appt was at 3:00. So we all showed up and the Dr. began running tests. Matt pulled the results out from the ER visit the day before and the Dr. Looked at them and kind of shook his head. I asked if it could possibly be Pneumonia, and Matt and the Dr. said probly not because Matt had no symptoms, except fever. I asked if they could x-ray his lungs and the Dr. said "well I guess we could" , so he ordered the x-ray.
They x-rayed Matt then the Dr. came in holding the x-ray and said "well... you Do have pneumonia".
I never thought I'd be thanking the Lord for Pneumonia, but I did at that very minute! I was just so glad to have a "reason" for the fever. The doctor ordered some strong Augmentin and REST. So today they will go back to Beaumont. I will be praying that he regains his strength soon, but that Matt not rush his healing and take it easy.

We had lots of fun and enjoyed having the kids, who stayed in the pool almost the entire day Saturday. Rudy cooked us some hamburgers for dinner and they were so good. Thank you Rudy

We also gave Missy her "old lady" gag gift for her recent birthday. I won't say how old she is but I will say I was 20 when she was born...

Noah and Allie posed with "bubba teeth" for the camera: Lord have mercy!
All in All it was a good week-end, and I am so thankful that Matt is on the road to recovery!


Carol said...

Oh my Gosh! I'm so glad you persisted in getting Matt's illness figured out. Poor Matt.

I hope you're feeling better soon. You take it easy and rest up.

Mamaw 2 6 said...

I'm sure glad you found out the reason for the fever, that was way to high.

Take care Matt!

Dee said...

A mom always know!!!no matter the age of our baby's i am glad Matt is doing better. Love the teeth on the kids. Makes you want to- for sure- keep all dental appointments. Sound like you will need a rest coming up reall soon. :) Blessings to my busy busy bliend. Dee

beckymc said...

I am glad you are a persistant mom and kept up until you found out what was wrong. I hope Matt will feel better soon but not too soon. He needs to rest and recoop. I will keep him in my prayers.