Monday, July 13, 2009


Happy Monday ya'll!

I have been wrapped up in girls...

I am enjoying having Yesenia and Jessica here staying at my house. They are such humble girls. They help out in the house and never utter a word of objection when asked to do anything. They are always smiling and happy to be here. I don't or won't take advantage of them but it would be easy to do because they are so willing.
Yesenia is from Mexico and altho she has a loving family, they are very poor. Now don't get me wrong , we are not rich by any means, but we have so much more than her family.

I remember when she first came here, she was in the shower and Rudy and I kept hearing the water turn off, then on then off and on. After the shower Rudy asked her about it and she replied that back home they don't have water like we do, they only have about a bucketful (of cold) and it must not be wasted. They have a water truck that comes by about 1st a week and fills their supply, and the water they get is not drinkable. They have to purchase bottled water to cook or drink.
Yesenia wants to continue her education in Mexico, but there is no money. Rudy and I paid for her education for 8th grade through 12th and she graduated with flying colors, but you have to be accepted into their college (with a wad of money). We are praying for God to make a way.
I made sure to get her some really good smelling soap and shampoo.

She loves her shower.

Jessica is Noah's (my foster baby) mother. I have had Noah since he was 2months old. He will be 4 in November. Noah was taken from his Mama because he had methanphedimine in his blood sample. I always told Jessica that I was gonna keep Noah til' she could get her life together. For the past 3 years there have been sporatic phone calls and a few visits (I never stopped her from visiting Noah), but in this last 1/2 year or so I noticed a change. The calls got really frequent (almost bothersome) and the visits started happening almost weekly. Jessica told me that she had not had any drugs in about a year. I could tell. Her home situation was bad, she was living with friends(???) and not using drugs but it was not the best environment. There was lots of drinking and she was taking care of everybody elses kids.
Well she called on Thursday and asked if I could pick her up the following Saturday morning. I told her YES. I went and got her and she had a horrible toothache, so I did the best I could to help ease her pain. I had some pain medicine and all kinds of over the counter tooth ache medicine along with a heating pad. She was coping I thought, until Whitney went into the bathroom and saw someone had vomited in the toilet and there was leftovers there. I made my rounds around the house asking "who's sick" Jessica shyly said , "well I'm not sick but this pain is so bad." She had been smiling and trying to be happy but was in extreme pain.
The next day Sunday , we went to church and I told my friend Cindy how bad her pain was and Cindy took the ball and RAN! We have a fellow member in our church who just happens to be a dentist. His name is Scott Ellis, and he is sent by God. He told us to bring her in the next day and he would relieve her pain, and he did. The first day we went he pulled 3 teeth. Then he set up an appointment for x rays and such. Jessica was staying with us intermentantly. The next appointment he pulled 7 teeth. What 21 year old wants 10 teeth pulled? Jessica! Jessica started using drugs when she was 12 and she got her first drugs from her Mother. She was addicted to drugs and this girl, just has never had a chance! Well now she does.
Altho Dr. Ellis took all the rotton teeth out, now we have to get the money to get her some teeth. (He could pull them and absorb the cost, but he doesn't make teeth! We will still use his services and the rate will be like we pay the outside help only...I told you he was an angel.)
Any way...Jessica is beautiful, and she doesn't know it. Whitney and I have been fixing her hair and Whitney has been putting some make-up on her.

We even got some "bubba" teeth and painted them white and she put them in her mouth. She's like a little girl, and Noah is in HOG-HEAVEN. That bond is there. I never encouraged or discouraged it, it just is there.

I'm telling ya'll this because we need prayer. I know God is in this. So to all my blogging friends I'm asking that you add these sweet young girls to your list of worthy causes!

I cant end this post without mentioning my" Favorite" girl!
Whitney sang in Mt. Pleasant this past weekend and did a great job. They gave her 6 songs to sing and she invited her friend Caleb Shelton to come sing "Jackson" with her. They did a great job!
Caleb, Whitney, Noah and Melanie (Kaleb's mom)


bringing up boys said...

What a ministry! God has surely chosen you for a reason. Lifting you up asking for wisdom in dealing with all you have to deal with. Thank you for opening your heart and your home to these precious lives. You are amazing!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Any good that I do is Christ in me. All glory to God.
Thank you for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great thing. I don't imagine you would agree with me, but that's why we need universal health and dental care. No one that age looses ten teeth in Sweden or Canada, or in most of the industrialized world. Tija S

Glenda, saved by grace said...

they do if they have been using meth and they're teeth are rotton from drug usage in Sweden, Canada the U.S.A. or anywhere else in this world. Jessica could have cared less about her teeth or a dentist when she was using, it wouldn't have mattered if there was a universal health plan. Your right I dont agree with you!
♥ Glenda

Dee said...

I knew you were a special person the first time i ever read your blog. How can that big heart of yours fit in your body. I will keep all in prayer. God WILL provide. Dee

Carol said...

You are indeed an angel in the lives of so many people. They are all very blessed to have know you!

Washer Mom Val said...

Yesenia is beautiful - keep her in the US and get her in College! Jessica - meth use makes teeth fall out - seen in in other parents of children we sad. I'll pray for the good deeds you are doing. From good smelling soap to dentristy! You should do a local BBQ fund raiser! Or your church should for you! Our new foster daughter has lousy teeth too - our Orthodontist (a good Christian man) cut the price for her / us in a touching amazing way to get her teeth fixed.....Blessings to you Glenda! ps - Noah is cute, you are strong to be able to share him like that...

Mamaw 2 6 said...

Your a girl with a big heart! I'm pleased to say your my sister.

I couldn't figure out who the girl in picture #5 was then it hit me! You got a bunch of pretty young ladies at your house.

Dee said...

Sunday Blessings, i just want to let you know i haven't forgotten about sending you a doodle. Things have been complicated around here. I will explain at a later date. I like the picture of Whitney taken at the mall. That would make a nice album/cd cover. :) Dee