Friday, October 09, 2009

Welcome Carter-Happy Birthday Christopher

Rudy and I got a brand new grandson on the 6th. God blessed us with
Carter Wood Rodriguez
on this past Tuesday . He weighed 7 lbs 11 oz and has a head full of black hair. We made a quick trip to see him and cant wait to go back. He is a really pretty baby boy and we cant wait to "get to know him". Congratulations to Rudy II and Casey.

Happy Birthday to my oldest son Chris!

We had a great hamburger supper for Chris' 32nd birthday . He wanted home-made burgers with home-made fries and thats exactly what he got. We had a house full, including Meo and John , the boys dad-Mark,and all of our own boys except Little Rudy, who was busy taking care of his 3 day old son, and Chad, who was working ( We missed you Chad and Kathryn, Rudy , Casey and Carter!)

This is a "portion" of our "wild bunch"

Matt is getting ready to leave us again. He has joined the ARMY! He has already proven that he's one of "The FEW, The PROUD, A MARINE...But he spent all his education money getting his B.S.N.R.N. and he wants to be "more" , so he gets another sign on bonus, and more money for more college! He WILL either be a Nurse anesthesis, or a Doctor someday, you just watch! He's one determined, goal oriented boy, and he will "be all that he can be" . He starts officer candidate school on the 14th in San Antonio and will be stationed @ Fort Sill , OK. in January 2010. I'm gonna miss you son!

He is proof that, "If there's a will, there's a way!

Michael made it home and is staying with Chad for the time being. He has gone back to work for Tyler Pest Services. He will be searching for a new home for he, Kaleb and Kelly, who will be joining him here around December.

After the "party" , Whitney ... &

conned me into taking them down to Chris' house , conning him outside and bombarding him with water balloons. Well we tried. The balloons were too thick and did not pop like they were supposed to. Chris was cheesin' cause their ploy didn't work!
Happy Birthday Son! I love you!
I almost forgot... I pulled Lucas' tooth. Wow he bled alot! I should have taken a picture , but didn't. He must be growing up cause there were NO tears!


Dee said...

I so much enjoy see pictures of your family and hearing the pride in your post. The new grand is adorable. Congratulation!!! :-)

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Chris!! 32 years old. My, my.

And congratulations on the new grandbaby. Very cute.

Mamaw 2 6 said...

Congratulations Grandpa Rudy!!!! A very precious life. Love it, Love it and Love it some more.

Happy Birthday Christopher Mark :)

gramma2many said...

Busy day, and what a family to be proud of!! You are truly BLESSED!
Happy birthday to both birthday boys too.

Whitney said...

heyy, im in BCIS (keyboarding) right now and its pretty dadgum boring!
just wanted to say hey!

bringing up boys said...

pretty amazing that family of yourn! How you keep your heart in your chest with all that love just amazes me!