Tuesday, August 16, 2005

happy Tuesday to any and all who read here!
Well I got a new daughter in law yesterday! Chris married Jennifer Ray. It was a J.P. service. Quick and easy, but by law they are married! And I guess I'll have a new grandchild next April. Surprised??? so was I . I told Chris congratulations, he said" you mean it Mama" I said "son if she makes you happy , I'm happy" He said she does, I was never this happy before and I wanna get my life straightened out, at least its not J******, I said "Praise The Lord!" I will post pictures of the bride and groom after I dump them from the camera.
I kept Luke and Adam all day , Matt and Missy went to 6 flags, her mama kept Alli. They were good boys.
The kids start school tomorrow...I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!! Is that wrong? I dont think so...Whitney's gonna have a hard time, she is repeating 6th grade. She says she's gonna make all "A's" this year.
Krissy and baby and Peighton, Veronica, Jason and the girls were here last night, Whitney has learned a new song and man she does it good! We karaoked last night , the song is an oldie"you make me feel like a natural woman" she looks funny singing it, cause shes a little girl, but she sounds really good.
Ive gotta get busy, I'm going to see Amy G. today and then I gotta go to the jail, so today will be another long day. Ya'll pray for me


Lodykaja said...


Lodykaja said...

"Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled."
Hebrews 12: 4a

"Love is patient, Love is Kind and is not jealous; Love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."
I Corinthians 13: 4-7

Marriage Takes Three

I once thought marriage took
Just two to make a go,

But now I am convinced
It takes the Lord also.
And not one marriage fails
Where Christ is asked to enter,

As lovers come together
With Jesus at the center.
But marriage seldom thrives,
And homes are incomplete,

Till He is welcomed there
To help avoid defeat.

In homes where Christ is first,
It's obvious to see,
Those unions really work,

For marriage still takes three.



1. Wives, your husband needs to know that you need him.
2. Tell him how wonderful he is... express it to him.
3. Appreciate him.
4. Be forgiving of him.

"But as the church is subject to Christ, so also the wives ought to be to their husbands in everything."
Ephesians 5: 24

"An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil All the days of her life."
Proverbs 30: 10-12

"Be submissive to your own husbands so that even if any of them are disobedient to the word, they may be won without a word by the behavior of their wives."
I Peter 3: 1b


Be the Head of the Home, The Spiritual Leader.

"Man is head of every woman"
Corinthians 1 11: 3b

1. Be the servant.
2. Talk about spiritual things.
3. Pray with your wife.

Value her words and be understanding with her...
"You husbands in the same way, live with your wives in an understanding way, as with someone weaker, since she is a woman; and show her honor as a fellow heir of the grace of life, so that your prayers will not be hindered".
I Peter 3: 7

Compliment her, tell her how beautiful she is...
"Let your fountain be blessed, And rejoice in the wife of your youth."
Proverbs 5: 18

View her as a companion beside you & not someone beneath you...
"Husbands love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her."
Ephesians 5: 25

Tell Christopher I Love him and I pray that God is 1st in his heart and life. There his wife will have the best 2nd place that is far better than any 1st place without God.