Friday, February 10, 2006

I had a rough night last night...HOTFLASHES all night, cold 1 minute and burning up the next. cover on , cover off! All night long! The baby woke up at 6 am, so I got up and fed him. Rudy and I are going to Henderson County ( where Chad is ) to get my drivers licence, When I went to see him the other night they hold your licence while you visit, and I forgot to get mine as I left. Chad called ( again) last night and said that he thinks he is being moved to limestone county. He says the lawyer told him he would do at least 5 months for this latest charge and that since Henderson county cannot hold too many prisioners, he will be sent to LCJ, for his time.
Ricky's all well , not more flu.
The early education campus called and asked Whitney to sing for their Spring program. She need to do a couple sets of 20 minutes. Also they've asked her to sing in the bullfest (rodeo) in May. I keep tellin Rudy he needs to get it on the ball , thats not that far away. ( He's her manager , you know! )
I went and got Amy Wednesday and we had a nice day, We visited all day then all my grandkids came in and she got to meet them. Then we went to church, then I took her home. Her mama has ALS, she is getting weaker every day, I can barely understand her when she speaks.
I gotta get ready to meet the day, I see the sun coming up!
Have a blessed day!

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Lodykaja said...

That sounds awful. I guess I have not ever had any thing like that and I am very grateful I haven't.
Congratulations to Whitney. I know she has been blessed with a wonderful singing talent.